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From: Soelae Riley 11.58am.

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in discovering the secrets, practices, insights and the techniques that will turn your dreams of
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Introducing Kerry Riley's international best selling book now as an amazing e-book “Sexual Secrets For Men, What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to know”.

It covers everything you need to know about becoming an EXTRAORDINARY and AMAZING LOVER in no time at all! A man feels ten feet tall when he knows he can completely satisfy a woman and the skills you discover from this e-book will give you the expertise to do exactly that!

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Imagine having complete control of when you want to ejaculate. Wouldn’t that be great? And imagine being the best lover your woman has ever had, able to make love for as long as you choose and never having to worry about getting or losing your erection strength. Wouldn't that be good?

And imagine never having your partner complain that she is not getting the intimacy or romance she needs from you. Wouldn't that be great? Being able to satisfy your woman on all levels because you know the skills that 99% of men on this planet don’t.

Imagine being in a relationship that is exciting, sexy and continuously has profound lovemaking experiences. And imagine how good you and your partner would feel being able to have longer, stronger and deeper orgasms.

That's just a small fraction of what this international best seller will give you the knowledge to do.

Video From The Author - Kerry Riley

And if that's not enough....check out the real life testimonials from these happy men who have read the e-book!

"The Women I Am With Love It. It Blows Them Away, The Only Problem Now Is That They Are All Falling In Love With Me... No BS!

Kerry, i can't believe it! Your e-book made me the "ultimate lover". I'm not joking. Within the first night of reading I improved my sex expertise by 100%. Your techniques and practices on improving your sex life gave me the skills to blow the women I am with away! They love it.  The only problem now is that they are all falling in love with me!

I’d definitely recommend any guy who wants to keep any woman satisfied... the e-book “Sexual Secrets for Men’ is a god sent.

Phillip (26), South Australia.

Emperors In Ancient China In
Their 60’s Would Satisy 20 Women At Once! Their Skills And Other Practices I Developed From This E-Book Have Transformed My Sex Life.

‘I was married for 20 years and have recently split up. When I make love sometimes I lose strength in my erection or I can’t get it up as quickly as I used to. It’s embarrassing.

I've tried viagra, it gave me headaches and it was expensive. Then someone told me about Tantra. I searched the web and found the e-book “Sexual Secrets for Men” It talked about skills of maintaining virility. Emperors in ancient china in their 60’s would have 20 consorts, their skills and other practices I developed from the book have transformed my sex life.

For one thing I learnt how to do internal orgasm where I don’t lose my semen. So I don’t get drained & can make love again the next day without any problem.

Now I'm with a new girlfriend she’s 39. I can now keep up with her; I wouldn’t have had a chance like this before without these skills. She thinks I’m great, and I have so much more confidence’.

Jeff (55)

In Less Then 5 Minuets From Now You Can Be Discovering The Secrets And Practices To Becoming An Extrordinary Lover. The Secrets And Practices That Will Have Her Saying “That’s the best ever”.

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Because this book has been published world-wide and has been an international best seller! It’s only now that Kerry has the rights back and is now only EXCLUSIVELY selling it online HERE.

And it’s not some small e-book just quickly knocked up. This e-book is over 13 chapters of 25 years of research and experiences. Kerry has studied Sexology and Tantra for over 25 years, has co-produced the video “Secrets of Scared Sex “ which has sold over 400,000 copies worldwide and is the president of the Australian School of Tantra.

Which means only quality material that you want to know.

In "Sexual Secrets for Men. What Every Woman Will Want Her Man To Know",

You will discover:

  • How to master ejaculation control and stop premature ejaculation!
  • How to satisy a woman on all levels.
  • How to perform Tantric secrets and Tantra positions that 99% of men on this planet don’t know about.
  • How to balance differences in libido!
  • How to rekindle your woman's sex drive!
  • How to maintain virility at any age!
  • How to put a new spark and energy into your love life!
  • How to make love for as long as you choose without the use of Viagra or drugs!
  • How to maintain erection strength and staying power!
  • How to never be embarrassed because of pre-mature ejaculation again!
  • Discover how to have extended orgasms for both you and your partner.
  • How to stimulate and find the woman's g-spot!
  • How to delay orgasm to extend her pleasure!
  • How to keep up with the libido of your partner!
  • How to bring a woman to orgasm like she has never before!
  • How to overcome erection difficulties and keep an erection naturally!
  • How to use secret tantric sex techniques!
  • How to reach higher orgasmic states!
  • How to experience a valley orgasm!
  • How to make love as many times as you want!
  • How to make love into your sixties, seventies, eighties and even nineties!
  • How to do daily devotion!
  • How to incorporate Tantra into a busy modern lifestyle!
  • Plus much more...

 Wouldn't’t that be amazing! Making love for as long as you choose in ways most men have never heard of and knowing how to satisfy your woman on every level!

And the unbelievable thing is…. If you buy the e-book today you will be part of the
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 e-book_tantraTantric star


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in less then 5 minutes you can download this e-book and start discovering all these amazing sex secrets!

  • You will discover how to be the best lover she has ever had!
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  • You will discover how to perform amazing sex secrets!

Would that be an amazing feeling or what?

That’s what this great e-book will give you the knowledge to do!

And the best thing is this E-Book will also show you:ebook_tantra

• How to incorporate practical and easy-to-follow sexuality exercises into your busy, modern lifestyle.

• How the benefits are achieved with the practices in real-life case stories.

• How to have an approach to lovemaking that encompasses all dimensions—physical,
emotional, and spiritual.


“Sexual Secrets for Men” provides everything a man needs to know how to satisfy a woman’s physical, emotional, and spiritual yearnings within relationships.

And the truth is, a woman desires a man who know's how to do this!


Here is a testimonial from Inner Traditions Books review. One of America's biggest book publishers!


Absolutely Amazing... A Must Read For All Men.

‘From the co-creators of the best selling-video The Secrets of Sacred Sex, this book provides everything a man needs to know to satisfy a woman– and how to bring himself to new heights of sexual ecstasy.

Using ancient tantric secret and practical techniques, the authors show how to transform sex into passionate lovemaking, pleasure into ecstasy and partnership into union. Through their approach, men will find new ways to satisfy their partner on the levels of body, heart and soul to keep love and sexual passion alive'.


Now, here’s a sneak peak at what you will discover in “Sexual Secrets for Men, What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know”.

From this Book you will discover:

The most comprehensive and practical book ever!

Kerry's and Diane's work has already proven success overseas. When the video we co-authored “The Secrets of Sacred Sex - A guide to love and intimacy” was released in the US it was reviewed by “Tantra” the magazine Issue 11, it got the highest reviews as the only video of this nature available. This magazine was an authority on all the books and videos available in the field of conscious loving.

The video has sold over 200,000 copies and since has stood up well against everything available in the US. Hence, we are confident you will like the book just as much!

This book is designed to give you the reader theory, understanding, practices and real life stories. The rituals and practices given are simple, powerful, and show you how to apply them within a busy, modern lifestyle.

How to use the secrets of:

Energetic Lovemaking; The Man Woman Game; Intimacy; Loving Relationships; The Female Force; Lovemaking as a Spiritual Experience and Advanced Skills for Extended Orgasms for Men and Women.

That it has been a "Best Seller" and is internationally published in different languages.

How to become an extraordinary lover!

A woman today has the freedom, the knowledge and the encouragement of society to be a sexually turned on orgasmic woman who loves her sex. She doesn't just want sex, she wants great sex which includes physical and emotional satisfaction. So for men, being a great lover is much more challenging than it's ever been. Many men go into lovemaking afraid that they won't be able to meet their woman's needs. With this book this is now not the case!

How to perform Sex and Tantric secrets that are not only about physical pleasure!

Sexual loving is the fuel for a passionate relationship. Without this it is like having a car without gas: you have one but the engine doesn't spark and doesn't go anywhere. Once your woman feels this love in your heart, the more often she will want to make love!.

Contrary to what the ego would have us believe, we are not born naturally good at having sex!

I am not talking about intercourse. Anyone can do that. I'm talking about learning how to make love so that you satisfy your woman on every level of her being - body, heart and soul.

The secrets in this book will give you the knowledge, skills and practices to be able to do that with your woman - to be an extraordinary lover! Every woman would want their man to know these secrets. Once you nourish a woman on this level, her love will continue to grow for you and she will stay with you forever!.

How to adopt a more holistic approach to life!

The book offers an approach to lovemaking that encompasses Physical, Emotional and Spiritual angles.

You will never get stuck!

Because you can email us anytime if you have questions arise.

This is the only place you can get it!

Only just recently has the Author acquired the rights back to the book in Australia and New Zealand. Which means no more shelf copies. This is the only place you can get it, right here!

So, how much better would you feel knowing that next time you have sex it will be the best love making she has ever experienced and more? Wouldn't you have a much better chance of ejaculation control and satisfying all her needs if you discovered these secrets?

That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!).

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(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it's totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Just Quickly…. Here is some information about the authors!

authors_TantraFor twenty five years Diane and Kerry have explored the great traditions of ecstatic sexuality, including Taoist sexology from ancient China, Tantra from ancient India, Shaman Indian sexuality from North America and sacred women’s sexuality from ancient Babylon.

They combined these secrets and practices with the most recent research on sexuality from universities and sex therapists throughout the United States and read and studied extensively with numerous authors and teachers in this field.

Their background in the human potential area is extensive. They have lectured to more then 40,000 people and produced numerous CD’s and video programs. They were featured in, and co produced the film “Secrets of Sacred Sex – a guide to love and intimacy”.

From their vast breadth of research and practice they devised their own unique practices. Since 1984, they have run numerous programs on relationships and sensual loving.

So… What's a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you thousands and thousands of dollars! (Kerry should know, He has spent 25 years studying and that's what it cost him!).

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's easy to read, understand and even easier to practice and perform!

There are other resources out there retailing for over $100!

Which is why "Sexual Secrets for Men, “What every Woman Will Want Her Men to Know" is such a bargain at $27.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Now we know that there are a lot of books on the internet that are self published and poor quality. We know this because we have looked at hundreds. Test for your self, the book is different.

This book has been published world-wide and has been an international best seller!It’s only now that the author's have the rights back so this is the only place you can get it!

The e-book is over 300 pages of 25 years of research and experiences. Not some small book just knocked up.

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash.

Which means you can be reading it and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now!

$27is a drop in the ocean compared to the satisfaction you and your lover will gain by using these secrets. You're discovering the secrets that every Woman wants a Man to know!

"She Said She Had Never Felt So Good With A Man".

‘I had heard the word Tantra but I really didn’t know anything about it. I bought the book out of interest. The e-book was a lot easier to understand than what I thought it would be. I ended up trying out the practices and techniques described in the e-book. The next woman I made love to, knew nothing of Tantra, I didn’t even mention it but she certainly got the experience; she said she had never felt so good with a man. I wish I’d discovered this when I was younger.’

Jake (45)

"I Can Now Master Ejaculation Control!"

‘I had ejaculation control difficulties, my first wife was always criticising me about it and it made me feel terrible. We finally split up but the problem then became that every time I met someone who I really liked I was afraid about getting into bed with her.

Discovering the techniques in “Sexual Secrets for Men” have been life transforming for me; I didn’t realise how deeply hurt I was inside. The skills of thought, breath, muscle release and taking the passionate intense sexual energy I felt in my genitals to the warmth and love felt in my heart were the keys for me.

I’m a much better lover now, not only physically but on many levels. I know what it means now to turn sex into making love. I’m sort of glad I had this problem before, although I hated it when it happened, it’s lead me into experiences I may never have come across in my life.

Scott (33)

"The Best Sex We Have Ever Had!"

My partner and I have a great relationship, we love each other, but after 6 years of being together have got into patterns and sex has lost its spark. We needed something new & different. We took a few relationship courses, but once we got our hand on the book “Sexual Secrets for Men, What Every woman Will Want her man to Know” this is what did it for us. Especially the chapter on ‘Secrets of a healthy relationship’ and ‘Say yes to sex’.

We now connect sexually and intimately every day. It's an invaluable Taoist practice for keeping love and sexual passion alive. The practice has also balanced our libidos, because my sex drive was always stronger than hers. But this practice has her really turned on. Coming across this book and using the practices in it has given us a new lease on life. I just want to thank you making this information available’

Emmanuel 32

"I'm 55 And Now Know How To Keep Up With My 39 Year Old Girlfriend."

‘I was married for 20 years and have recently split up. When I make love sometimes I lose strength in my erection or I can’t get it up as quickly as I used to. It’s embarrassing. I've tried viagra, it gave me headaches and it was expensive. Then someone told me about Tantra. I searched the web and found the e-book “Sexual Secrets for Men” It talked about skills of maintaining virility.

Emperors in ancient china in their 60’s would have 20 consorts, their skills and other practices I developed from the book have transformed my sex life. For one thing I learnt how to do internal orgasm where I don’t lose my semen. So I don’t get drained & can make love again the next day without any problem.

Now I'm with a new girlfriend she’s 39. I can now keep up with her; I wouldn’t have had a chance like this before without these skills. She thinks I’m great, and I have so much more confidence’.

Jeff (55)

"I Feel Alive Again".

After purchasing “Sexual secrets for Men” book and the “Secrets of Tantric Sex” DVD my understanding of my life partner has changed dramatically. I feel alive again and so does our relationship – and I am not even half way through your book. My wife is also keen to read this book too. The daily devotion is a wonderful way to recharge and say I love you!


"The E-book Made It All Easy!".

I’ve practiced yoga and ti chi and had heard about Tantra as a way of combining sexuality with spirituality, but didn’t actually know how to do it. I have a good sex life and a great spiritual practice. But the book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ has bought it together not only for me but for my partner also. We do Tantric mediations together, which puts us into ecstatic states at the same time. It’s the quickest path I’ve come across for experiencing higher states of consciousness.

Jessie (28)

"I've Tried Every Drug There Is... And Nothing Compares To This!"

‘I’ve tried just about every drug there is and regularly take e’s at parties. I met this woman last dance party, she said she had ways of getting there without drugs. She took me home and put me through this amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

I asked where she learnt how to do it, she told me about the book and the web address. I bought the book nearly straight away and got reading. The last few chapters show how to do that exact practice I experience that night but how to do it for a woman. I love it.

The women I am with love it. It blows them away, the only problem now is that they are all falling in love with me. I’d definitely recommend any guy who wants to keep his woman satisfied the book “Sexual Secrets for Men’ is a god sent.

Phillip (26)

"I've Become The Extraordinary Lover!".

“I heard about the G-spot, and had tried to stimulate the g-spot for a few women, but it just made them uncomfortable. I thought it was a fallacy. But since getting the techniques from the book I have not had to dig around anymore.

The e-book makes it very clear. Through the book I have discovered the skills for massive orgasm, Tantra calls it the ‘sacred spot’. A lot of women never experience an internal orgasm, I can do this now as well as the usual clitoral orgasm.

Knowing how to take her to different levels of orgasm has helped in intercourse, as she can now comes during intercourse. I’m sure not many men know how to do that. As I didn’t until I discovered the Secrets in this book.’

Brad (37)

"Im Talking Multiple Orgasms!"

I have recently come across the Sexual Secrets for Men web site and was intrigued enough to buy a copy of the e-book and the Mp3.

The e-book un-like others I have read was amazing, I truly believe it has helped me become a better lover. Other books I’ve read have never actually worked for me and seem like they didn’t know what they were talking about. After working though the book “Sexual Secrets for Men, What Every Woman will want her Man to Know’ I can last longer in bed, and its only been 1 week since started practicing. I am now giving my partner pleasure she has never felt before. I’m talking multiple orgasms, even valley orgasms.

Listening to the lecture workshop recording on the Mp3 really has helped as hearing Kerry Riley talk the about the different techniques for ejaculation control and how to actually master it. He even takes you through the techniques. I look forward to discovering more as I know there is so much to know and I’ve only just begun.

Brendan (41)

"Forever In Your Debt!"

My son Chad read your book, “Sexual Secrets for Men” and he loved it. His girlfriend recently broke up with him, and after reading the book, he realised how bad of a boyfriend he was and how bad he was in bed, so he says. So now he has made a ton of positive changes in his life, that I have been waiting for a long time, since I see his potential, (he’s now in school, and is going to college in the fall, he’s in shape and has been studying kung Fu) and its all thanks to your book.

So I would like to thankyou and your Husband for helping my son see the light. I’m very proud of him, he’s a really good person, he says he just got too comfortable in which he considered his “bubble”. He says he was a talker (I’ll do Yoga with you, I’ll do exercise with you etc) and never followed through with his word. He also smoked a lot of pot, which de-motivated him, and thanks to your book he has stopped. All of these changes have made him the person I know he is supposed to be, so I can never thankyou enough.

Forever grateful, Joanne and Chad.

"Absolutely Amazing"

We are both very keen to go on this wonderful tantric journey and already we have made so many changes and have grown so much together after reading the e-book. It is just wonderful and quite frankly just blows us away. It is completely beyond anything we could possibly have imagined. Thankyou for making this knowledge available to everyone.

Warmest Regards,

Now Experiencing A Closer Connection

Last year I read the e-book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ and it has opened my eyes to what is possible and infinitely awakened by spirit. I have no problem with choosing when to ejaculate – if at all. I have also been practicing the techniques on opening the heart. My girlfriend and I are now experiencing a closer connection. Thank you.

Grant. Sunshine Coast.

There you go, the proof speaks for itself, doesn't it?

That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

But I tell you what we will also do to make this the best investment you ever make. We are going to throw in some FREE bonuses to enhance your sex and relationship knowledge!

So if you grab your copy of "Sexual Secrets for Men. What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know" right now, here's what we will throw in:-


ebook_tantra Tantra_star




What’s going on in sex’ is a 25 page e-book. It is part of a four part lecture series on sex and relationships. (Value $27.97)

It Covers:-

• What is going on for people in sex and relationships today
• Performance and attraction.
• Earlier sexual experiences and how they may effect you today
• Making a date for sex
• Learning to love your body
• Being in the now, and soft sex

These areas and more are covered. Kerry and Diane Riley answer and discuss the questions brought up in their workshop about sex and relationships.



‘Sex Positions and Techniques’ This e-book is fun, and talks about the different positions to bring more ecstasy into your lovemaking. Giving you secret techniques that can make you a better lover in any sex position.(Value $19.77)

It Covers:-

• Positions with the man on top.
• Positions with the man entering from behind.
• Positions with the woman on top.
• More erotic position for the Yogi’s.
• Technique – for pleasure and skill.
• Techniques for oral pleasure.
• Healing sex positions.

With the information covered in this sexy e-book you will be able to explore and go into a new dimension of your sexual knowledge!

Phew...that's some list of FREE Gifts, right?Valued at over $47!

Now, we want to tell you. Kerry and Diane have been studying and teaching Tantra for over 25 years. They have spoke to over 40 thousand people in 10 different countries. Working solely with people just like you. And these E-Books contain some of the best-kept secrets and knowledge you will ever discover!

In fact, here's what one recent customer had to say about the E-Books:

Hi Kerry and Diane, firstly I want to thank you!

I always had problems with Ejaculation control and connecting with my partner. But after I downloaded the e-book my life changed!. I am now a lot more confident with women in and out of the bedroom. My life has changed forever!!!!

Once again thanks for all help.

Luke Berry. NSW. Australia

But we don't know how long we can keep these bonuses up there. They're worth a lot to Kerry and Diane in their heart, and at any time they could tell us to take them down forever. So if you want them, get in quick.

Wishing you great success and remember No matter what your age you are about to go on an adventure - a new journey into sexual loving.

There is enough fuel in this book to keep you charged throughout your life!


" alt="Tantra_author" width="157" height="75">Tantra_author

Soelae Riley
New Dimension

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting over $47 worth of bonuses for FREE. Everything to get you started to become the extraordinary lover. So if that's what you want to do, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.